About Us

Hatzolah Darom is a volunteer organization which operates in the entire south of Israel by providing immediate first-aid and emergency relief to sick and wounded victims. Its main mission is to respond to emergencies in those first crucial moments, before the arrival of MDA paramedics, and thus play a key role in saving lives.

Hatzolah Darom was founded a little over three years ago to service the Ashdod-Lachish region where there is no hospital and the waiting time for an ambulance is at times well over twenty minutes.

Due to the unstable security situation in Israel, where Kassem rockets are falling on southern cities on a daily basis, Hatzolah Darom (originally Hatzolah Ashdod) has recently expanded to service the entire south of Israel. Hundreds of volunteers are professionally trained and fully outfitted with all the necessary equipment required for saving lives. They are available and prepared to respond to all emergencies at any hour of the day or night, many times disregarding their personal obligations and even safety.

Since the inception of Hatzolah Darom, its volunteers have responded to thousands of emergencies of resuscitation, heart attacks, road accidents, terrorist attacks, among others. The victims all testify that it was due to the immediate and efficient response of Hatzolah Darom volunteers that their lives were saved.